What to wear?  What to wear?  This is one of the biggest questions in a girl’s life.  Yeah it maybe superficial but in a world that judges a book by its cover clothing is our voice before ever opening our mouth.  The informal definition of girl is “women who mix socially or belong to a particular group, team, or profession.”  I feel no matter what mix you belong to we all speak girl and/or can understand it to a certain degree.

This fall season fashion is embracing the girl movement and is very girlie.  The trends remind me of all the times I played dress up as a little girl trying to mimic what I thought an adult woman would wear and the places she would go.  Vintage furs, skirts, tights, floral prints.  It has never been more fashionable to be a girl!

You can’t talk fall fashion without talking jackets.  Jackets are one of my biggest obsessions and this fall it is all about Vintage Furs.  Faux of course.  These are the type of coats that your grandma wore for her big night out on the town to the local dinner club.  Now you don’t need a fancy occasion to rock these furs.  They are an everyday look paired with your favorite t-shirt and jeans. 

It doesn’t get much more girly than skirts.  Skirts are making a big comeback this fall.  Especially when you pair them with a fun pattern tight like fishnets, which is another fall must have for your legs.   Pair your shorter skirts with a cozy oversized sweater, tights and ankle boots or wear a mid-length skirt with a blouse and your favorite heels.  Skirts are great because no matter your body shape or size there is a skirt silhouette that will fit and flatter you.  Plus who doesn’t love a good skirt twirl!

Flowers are not just for spring and summer anymore.  Winter florals are a huge trend you’ll see this fall.  Floral patterns are used on almost everything from blouses to dresses to even coats.  What makes it a winter floral you ask?  Well most winter florals still have the touch of girly by using a type of flower pattern but the color schemes are much richer and darker making them a bit moodier and edgier feeling.  This aids in the seasonal transitions.

Last but not least is the sexiest trend this fall, Lingerie.  Lingerie is usually reserved for a private unveiling however this season it’s time to show everyone what you look like in your underwear.  Or at least your bra and/or slip.   Silky laced detailed tops are making a huge appearance for fall and they work as your “going out top” that are greatly paired with jeans and a heel or even your favorite pencil skirt.  You’ll also see a lot of peek-a-boo being played under your favorite sheer or button up tops with lacey or even velvet detailed bralettes.  These looks will definitely help warm up the brisk fall air.

It is a lot of pressure being a girl especially in today’s world.  We have to try and do it all and still look good while doing it!  However at the end of the day remember being a girl is fun and exciting.  We get to play dress up every day and get to wear fun exciting clothes.  We get pattern options, color choices, even an array of clothing selections.   We can wear a dress and heels one day and the next jeans and a t-shirt.  It just depends on our mood.  Remember to embrace your girl voice and have fun with it.  Cause at the end of the day everyone just wants to dress like a girl.

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