“Always roll up your sleeves.  It gives the impression that you’re working, even if you’re not.”  There is something to be said about sleeves.  They always seem to be making some kind of statement without the person wearing them having to say anything at all.  In 2018 it is all about the statement sleeve.

When it comes to any type of top this year, be it blouses, sweaters, even t-shirts, it’s all about statement sleeves.  Even the simplest of tops will have a lot to say just in their sleeve silhouettes.  Get ready to roll up your sleeves or should I say roll out your sleeves for some fun fashion this year.  Let’s go over all you need to know about sleeves this Spring and Fall.  Who knew there could be so much! 

One of the most popular sleeve trends is the Balloon sleeve.  This sleeve is most flattering when worn in a long sleeve.  It is a very full sleeve that is banded at the bottom.  It adds softness to any top silhouette giving a slight fullness with a subtle detail.

The easiest of the dramatic sleeves to wear is the Bell sleeve.  This sleeve detail is usually set smoothly down the arm and then flare out down toward the bottom.  Usually down in a soft flowing fabric to help give it a controlled fullness that flows and doesn’t add bulk.

Ruffles aren’t just for skirts anymore.  Ruffle sleeves are having a moment especially when they are tiered.  Meaning layered on top of each other, usually in a set of three.  Ruffles tend to add a touch of femininity to any type of top.

Sleeves aren’t just getting flow this year they are also getting color and/or texture added to them with embroidery.  Floral embroidery is the biggest trend with floral designs being added to all parts of all types of sleeves.  You will see bold colorful embroidery to subtle tonal embroidery designs.

Last but not least is the Cut Out sleeve.  You’ve seen this trend started a couple of seasons ago with the “cold shoulder” where the shoulders on a top were cut out to reveal a hint of skin.  Now you will see this trend continue with cut-outs all down the arm sleeves or even just the elbows cut-out.  This look gives more of an edgy urban feel that is mainly done in the athleisure looks of sweatshirts and t-shirts.  However you will see it in blouses with slits in the sleeve fabric running vertically down the arm, giving a peek-a-boo look.

There are many more sleeve trends this year these are just some of the most popular and some of my favorites.  Have fun with your statement sleeves and play around with all the different silhouettes.  This trend can be dressed up or dressed down just make sure to keep the rest of your look simple.  Statement sleeves do just that, make a statement so let them and mute the rest of your look so you’re not over doing it.  And remember to wear your heart on your sleeve, especially if its fashion!

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