There are times in the fashion world that you feel like you have stepped into a time machine and traveled back to an era that once was.  There is such a thing as the fashion trend cycle and it seems to have about a 20 year rotation.  That doesn’t mean you should hold on to your favorite trends because they will be back again in 20 years.  For one, not all trends come back and the ones that have the strength to return have been revamped and tweaked just enough to look new and edgy not old and dated.

At this fashion moment most of us feel that we have time warped into the 90’s and if you’re a little more “experienced” even the 70’s!  Notice the 20 year cycle.  The fashion world is having a love affair with the decade that introduced us to everything from grunge to flower power to norm core (look it up, it’s a real thing).  I will admit, a few trends you probably could carry straight over and most people couldn’t tell the difference or they would even call it vintage.  However most mainstream looks have been changed by textile, fit or cut that help give it a new refreshed look.  I am going to show you a little “that was then this is now” of our current top fashion trends for Spring ’17.

Chokers:  These tight fitting necklaces have been around for a little while now.  They come in many styles, colors and textiles.  Unlike in the 90’s where they mainly worn in black and came in two fabrications, velvet and/or ribbon.

High Rise Bottoms:  This trend has been around for a couple of years however it is probably at its height right now.  Most denim companies don’t make anything lower than an eight inch rise anymore (and that use to be considered mid-rise).  In the 90’s this look was worn baggier and not as tight compared to today where jeans are high but the fit is more body con i.e. skinnies or even skinny on top with a flare at the bottom. You can also see this trend in trousers with the paperbag waist pant, a true look from the 90’s.

Bodysuits:  Yes, bodysuits!  They are back in full force.  You either love them or hate them but if you can pull it off they are super cute!  In the 90’s we wore them very clean and very basic.  Now they are done in every color and every textile.  They also have a flare of detail added such as a tie up front, a crisscross back, or a cut out shoulder.  Pair them with any pair of high rise bottoms and it makes them much easier to wear!

Bold Hair Color:  Usually hair color fits into four lanes, blonde, red, brown or black.  In the 90’s lanes got added and hair became bolder, we started to see pink, neon reds and even blue.  Fast forward to 2017 we see all colors of the rainbow and even young girls dying their hair silver/grey.  And it has become the norm for all ages.  Dye it completely or just add subtle streaks!

Dresses:  In the 90’s we loved dresses!  Floral print dresses, long dresses, dresses with sleeves, even dresses over t-shirts.  You could wear a dress every day and for everything.  They were actually a pretty casual look, we even wore them with Doc Martens.  Well they are ALL back.  Every style mentioned before is back with a vengeance.  And the best part is that we get to mix them with our favorite tomboy looks, biker or jean jackets, flannels, combat boots and even sneakers.  Don’t wear dresses just to dress up wear them every day just because it’s fun to be a girl and they are easy and cute!

Platforms:  Remember your footwear loves from your monthly DELiA*s catalog in the 90’s?  Some of you might think of the Spice Girls!  90’s platforms were all about added height without losing comfort.  This function and fashion trend is back and comes in varieties of sandals to sneakers to combat boots.  Start working on your balance ladies you’re going to need it, depending on how high you want to go.

We are so engulfed in 90’s fashion at the moment that this list could go on and on.  I was even quite surprised when researching for this article how much of the fashion is back and coming out for the next couple of seasons.  We are in a full 90’s revival! No matter if these looks are new for you or it’s your second go around or even your third,  enjoy the fashion because remember once it cycles out it won’t be back for another 20 years!

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