Tis the season.  It is the time of year when everyone’s social calendar gets filled with parties.  There is a holiday party for everything! Work, family, friends, charities, your kid’s schools, you name it there is a holiday party for it.  Although we all tend to gain a little “holiday weight” during this time of year at least we get to do it in style or at least you should!

The holidays are one of the funnest seasons because it is when we get to turn up our fashion volume to 10 or sometimes higher.  The holidays are full of glitz, glam, sparkle and bubbly and our clothing gets to reflect the whimsical atmosphere.  During this time we get to wear styles, textiles and colors that normally would seem bold, out there, almost like you were going on stage for a rock show.  But that is the fun of it!   We get to be a rock star head to toe or we can just blend it with our normal attire from the rest of the year.  It all depends on what type of event or party you are attending.


There are so many choices, nothing is off limit.  Where do we begin?  Let’s start at the lower volume scale.  If your party is more conservative mix and match your “normal” wardrobe with some more glamorous pieces.  I love the look of pairing your favorite plain t-shirt with a fun high- waisted circle or pencil skirt, add some fun heels and great statement necklace and your set.  It is also great to pair a fun sequence top with your favorite pair of jeans.  You can pair (depending on your style of jeans) strappy heels, a great pump, booties, or over the knee boots and with the chilly temperatures layer a classic cardigan for warmth.  Both these looks can be done easily and add a sprinkle of holiday to your everyday looks.


Let’s turn it up a couple of notches and add some glam.  If you have a charity event or your company Holiday party you can add some fun textiles and mix them.  Leather is a great look to add to your wardrobe at this time of year.  It’s sexy and sleek yet fully functional, it’s warm!  Pair a great pair of leather pants or a flirty leather skirt with an oversized cozy sweater.  Your sweater can be any style; turtleneck, cowl neck, crew neck, long sleeve, short sleeve.  Just make sure that it is in good condition and not peeling.  You don’t want to look part polished and then have a raggedy garment piece.  Leather leggings are a great alternative for this as well.  Mixing two dominant textiles is also a great look at this time of year.  Pair any leather with any sequence to make a great holiday statement.  Usually you would want these textiles to stand alone but it’s the holidays, spice it up!  If you are vegan friendly or leather is just a little pricey a great alternative is wax coated pants.  They have the look of leather but can be a little more stretchy and they come in a wide variety of colors; navy, burgundy, green and yes black.  Wax coated bottoms can be paired with anything but I think they are great with a feminine flowy top that adds a wink of girly to an edgy textile.


Alright we are going to crank the volume and go for the adults only, champagne poppin full on holiday party.  These type of events you can get fully glam and have a lot of fun with your style.  You can rock looks that are normally reserved for a Hollywood party or a fun New York night!  One of my favorite looks at this volume is a fun sparkle dress paired with an over the top fur style coat.  Faux of course.  With the brisk air it is sometimes a little difficult to wear all those fun holiday dresses but when you pair it up with a fun faux fur coat it can make fashion and function sync.  When thinking of faux fur holiday coats don’t limit yourself to just vintage looking ones.  These days there are lots of different options from short hair to shaggy and cropped to bomber.  Also pair according to what style of dress you have, for example if you are wearing a fit and flare style dress pair a more cropped jacket if your dress is more body conscious pair it with a mid-length jacket.  Another way to turn up the volume for holiday is wear sequence as your bottoms.  There are a ton of cute options for this look, skirts (both long and short), pants and even shorts.  Pair these items with a great solid button up or yes your favorite t-shirt as discussed before.  Add a great blazer or leather jacket for another layer and for warmth.  Always wear a great heel or even a fun boot to give you a little lift and some fun jewelry for added sparkle.

There are so many fun options for the holiday season.  It is a kind of anything goes time of year so take advantage!  Have fun with your style and pump up the volume.  Mix it up with fun textiles like velvet, leather, sequence, cashmere, wax coated, fur and many more.  Dress up and flaunt what you got.  It is the time that you get to wear all those things that you would normally say, “I love this but where would I ever wear this too?”  You get to wear them for the holidays that’s where!  Happy Holidays and remember don’t dress responsibly!

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