I think we can all agree that the last couple of years have been rough and we have all been a little sheltered from real life, especially our kids. When it comes to school, we’ve all experienced full-time remote learning, then some part-time homeschooling, and then the magic that was whisking our kids to morning drop-off with an ear-to-ear smile for the professional to take over, allowing for our sanity to be reinstated!

With all this at-home time, we have all let our fashion slip into an extreme comfort level.  Including or some would say especially our kids.  Sweatpants, leggings, sport shorts, and a few other athletic apparel trends have become the norm for our children and not just on the weekends.  I am here to help you tell your kids that halftime is over and it’s time to put some effort back into their appearance.

It is back to school time and since our kids are actually going back to school, it is to their benefit to hold them to higher standards than getting dressed for P.E.  Just like you wouldn’t show up to your staff meeting in your finest jogging attire, the same can be applied to youth.  Now, I am not saying that kids need to be dressed to the nines everyday, after all, as parents, we want them to be able to move, play and be themselves. But just like everything else in life there is a happy medium to fashion and function. 

For 2022 Back to School there are some fun, fashionable, and most importantly functional fashion trends that will get you and your kiddos back in the swing of things.  Most of the trends are universal for both boys and girls so it makes them easy to follow and find. 

Now I hear it nearly every day from our kid customers (and even my own kids) how they hate wearing jeans because they are not comfortable.  Denim styles and fabrications have changed so much in the last 2 years, now is a great time to have your kids revisit the world of denim.  The new denim for kids is a knit which makes them feel just like a sweatpant but gives the appearance like an effort was made!  Also, the new denim style trends are way more comfortable.  No more pouring themselves into tight skinny jeans. The jeans now are baggy, wide leg or straight leg with room to jump and move.  This is ideal for all the action any kid takes on in a day on the playground.

Nothing says “back to school” like a good ol’ t-shirt.  At any age, everyone loves great t-shirts and they are perfect for helping in expressing anyone’s personal style.  Graphic tees are huge for this school season and being oversized makes them even better!  Anything from having your favorite brand, food chain, musician or just a cool design splashed across the front or back will help you strut some style.  To change it up, solid-colored, basic tees are also a big trend in everything from muted colors to bright and bold.  And, really what is comfier than your favorite tee?

The “preppy” look is a huge trend for both boys and girls this fall.  For boys twill pants, polos, nautical-inspired sweaters, and cool button-ups are a hit. Boys are updating their t-shirt looks with Henley tees or layering an unbuttoned woven over the top.  Girls are leaning into the preppy trend with plaid skirts, button-front mid-length cardigans layered over their tanks and/or tees, and fun easy dresses with biker shorts underneath for cartwheel capability.  And to top both sides of the preppy trend kids are layering letterman jackets over the top and the cleanest high tops you’ve ever seen!

After reading some of those back-to-school trends, I’m sure you’re thinking that those are not much different than the whole athleisure trend that has taken us by storm over the last couple of years.  I would encourage you to remember it is kids that we are talking about.  Kids are high energy, lots of movement, and are worthy of self-expression and creativity. Science shows us that when we (adults, teens, and kids) like our outfits, we feel better and show up more confidently in the world. Encouraging our kids to explore aspects of style that interest them allows them to be creative and confident in how they are seen in the world. Trends today allow kids to be comfortable and exude personal style. And remember the great Oscar Wilde quote, “You can never be overdressed or overeducated.”  Here’s to back-to-school shopping and finding that comfort and style that makes your kid excited to get dressed each day!

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