It’s crunch time and Christmas is only two weeks away!  Some of us are finishing up and some of us are just starting our gift buying.  No matter what stage you’re at we all have the same type of people on our list.  Everyone’s list consists of 4 types of people; people you barely know, people you kind of like, people you like and people you love.  There is something out there for everyone and we have created a cheat sheet to help guide you in your last minute holiday shopping!

I Barely Know U : Gifts $10 or less

*Daneson Infused Toothpicks ($7-$9) These are a great little stocking stuffer or great to pair with a Happy Holidays card.  They are a unique fun gift for both men and women.  They come in many flavors, cinnamon, mint, and even bourbon!  They last up to 2 hours and come in a great little package.

*Copper Fish Nail Clippers ($6) These are not your ordinary nail clippers.  The clippers are made of copper and shaped like fish.  You get a large and small clipper and both have a built in nail file that make them an all in one nail tool.  They are a cute yet useful little gift that anyone would be happy to receive.

*Flare Pins ($10) These little pins are perfect for any little fashion guru in your life!  They are one of the hottest trends right now that add little personality flare to anyone’s outfit.  The pins are fun and whimsical.  They can be extreme or subtle.  Thoughtful yet inexpensive.


I Kind of Like U: Gifts $25 or less

*Animal Multi Tool ($20) This little animal is handy and cute!  It is a fun novelty gift that people love to get and use more than they would think.  Great for someone that has everything or for someone that needs a part-time handy man (or animal).

*Candles ($9-$24) Who doesn’t love a good scent?!  Did you know scent is the closest sense to memory?  Why not create a memory for someone with their favorite scent.  Candles these day can be funny and cute to beautiful and useful.  Some candle containers even up-cycle to another use!

*Knits ($10-$25) Tis the season to be cold and who doesn’t like to be cozy.  Socks, Gloves and Beanies are a great gift to get anyone.  Now a days these items are fun, colorful, and stylish.  Knits can seem personal and thoughtful without breaking the bank.


I Like U: Gifts under $100

*KendaKist Threaders ($70.95) These beauties will make any gal smile.  The earrings are either sterling silver or 14k gold.  The earrings are simple yet edgy and will be a great statement piece for any jewelry collection.

*Mini Hobo’s ($64-$98) Real leather, colorful, and perfect for any girl on the go.  These little wallets are loved by everyone and can become collector pieces since they are never duplicated after a season.  Great to give a friend or your girlfriend.

*MyPakage Undies ($30-$80) These undies are magical for any man in your life.  They say “they are like angels cupping your balls”, their words not mine.  The micro blended fabric and keyhole technology will keep men feeling cool and comfortable no matter what they are doing.  The undies come in singles or a holiday gift pack.  It just depends on how much you like him!


I Love U: Gifts over $100

*Denim ($100-$250) Cotton is the fabric of our lives and it comes in the form of denim!  Jeans are the American staple that we all love and wear on a daily basis so you better look good in them.  Now a days jeans can be as comfy as sweats yet look dressy enough to wear for a night out on the town.  Get him/or her the denim of their dreams!

*Proof Sunglasses ($100-$180) Proof is in the pudding or should I say the eyewear.  These sunglasses are locally made and mixed with hand crafted wood and all have polarized lenses.  Sunglasses are a statement accessory to anyone’s wardrobe showcasing personality.

*Shoes ($100-$275) The quickest way to a girls heart is through her feet!  Shoes are any ladies love and we can never have too many.  No matter what they say.  Shoes are fun, fashionable and easy to buy because they have universal sizing.


We hope this cheat sheet can help spark some ideas and make your gift buying that much easier.  Just remember whatever you give as a gift as long as it has a little thought in it the gift will be successful and cherished.  People like just being thought of and appreciated so always shop with that in mind.

Happy Shopping and Happy Holidays!!!

XOXO! The Brass Monkey

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