Break ups, what can I say?  Some are easier than others.  Sometimes saying its over is a relief and you can’t wait to move on and other times saying goodbye is confusing and hard.  You know it has to end but you really just want a little more time.  And occasionally you refuse to accept the break-up!  You don’t understand why it’s over and how are you ever going to be in love this much again?!  Don’t worry, like your mother always says, “in time you’ll look back and say what was I thinking? Or better yet what was I wearing?!”

Spring is just around the corner and it is time to look deep into our closets and ask ourselves, “Should it stay or is it time to break-up?”  I’m going to help you on making some of these difficult decisions that plague us with every changing season!  I may have to warn you some are going to be more painful than others but I promise you will be much happier in the long run.

Athleisure vs. Real Workout clothes

We really fell in love with this trend this last fall however it can get really lazy and you can start taking it for granted.  Athleisure is a trend that is fun, cozy and realistic however it needs to have effort put forth and not actually be worn for working out!  It is the anti-fashion trend of the now.  It is the I don’t care and I look like I’m effortless but actually I do care and I just want to be comfortable and look sporty.  Athleisure is cute sweatshirts and oversized cotton tops paired with jogger pants or heavier leggings with your cutest pair of sneakers.  Break up with wearing your actual work out clothing out and about unless you are actually coming from or going to the gym!

High Rise Jeans vs Mom Jeans

Some of you might be re-kindling this romance and others it’s a new fling for you.  High rise denim is back and is looking good!  Say goodbye to muffin tops and butt crack and hello to slimming illusion and functionality.  High rise is showing up everywhere from the widest of flares to the skinniest of skinny.  However don’t think that you can bust out your old Lee Jeans and be ready for spring.  The new high rise jeans are contoured and have much better back pocket placement and sizing.  Saving us all from the dreaded “Mom Butt”.  So ladies please break up with you Mom Jeans and get the new and improved High Rise denim that can still make you feel secure but can flatter you as well.

Clutch vs Oversized Tote

I know it’s crazy but it’s ok to cheat!  Sometimes you need more the one and sometimes it just depends on your mood.  For this spring make sure to indulge yourself with a clutch.  Its ok to hold on to and still love that oversized tote that you’ve been lugging around all fall and winter but it’s time to have a little clutch on the side!  Stop taking your giant purse out to dinner and/or to parties.  Get a cute fun clutch that can stay by your side all night and compliment your outfit not overshadow it.  Your oversized tote will understand and probably enjoy the break from being shoved full of everything under the sun and weighing a ton.  Remember spring is suppose to be lighter so enjoy the freedom!

All or Nothing Boots

This is probably going to be the most painful but I promise you will fall in love again.  Some of you already broke up with your mid-calf boots this fall and some this will be a harder pill to swallow.  When it comes to boots it’s just like love, it is all or nothing!  When you are picking out your new spring fashion boots they should either be a little ankle bootie or an over the knee thigh high.  You and your mid-calf boots have had a good long run but it is just time to move on and don’t worry I am sure you will re-connect in the future a fall in love all over again.  If it is meant to be they will be back in style again.

It is a new year and remember that gives the chance to be a new and better looking you!  Like I said before some of these break ups are going to be easy and will be a mutual split while some of them are going to be quite painful and will need some healing time but I promise you when looking back you will be thrilled with your new looks and will reminisce about the fashions of old just like your old boyfriends!

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