Fall into Style

Seasonal change is among us and that can only mean one thing, wardrobe change! Fashion is that fun statement that allows us to either show people the type of person we are or to re-invent ourselves and show our continuous self-evolution without saying a word. They say don’t judge a book by its cover but you know we all do, otherwise what would be the point of Fashion?! Our clothes are our statements, they are our voices that talk to people before we actually do. They say “This is me, this is a glimpse at my personality.”

Granted we all like to showcase many different sides of ourselves and we all have many different looks. However there is always an underlying tone to each of them that makes you, you. That’s called style, personal style if you will. We all can buy the same clothing but how you put it together, mix it and wear it is what makes it your look, your statement. There are a lot of options this Fall Season for you pick from. I love fall fashion because it has so many different personalities and you can mix and match them all to find the one that best dresses you. Here are my top picks for Fall Season 2016:


Renaissance Women: This trend is very girly and whimsical. The look contains the biggest fabric trend of the season, velvet. Yes I said velvet! Velvet is everywhere from tops, dresses, jackets and even jumpsuits. It comes in dark jewel tone colors like burgundy, navy and of course black. You will also see a lot of sleeves in this trend. Sleeves are attached to almost all the dresses this season. There are capped sleeves, sheer sleeves, long sleeves and most importantly bell sleeves.


The Cold Shoulder: You started seeing this trend late last winter and thru the spring however it is in full force this upcoming fall. The cold shoulder is when you have cut-outs of fabric where your shoulders are. This look is very sexy. It allows you to be covered and warm while giving a little wink of flirt while showing some skin. You will see this trend in sweaters, tops, and blouses. It also appears in another form called “cut-outs” where you see pops of skin in small areas such as your back or the side of your waistline.


Preppy Chic: Denim will always be in style however this season is giving you some alternatives. Twill and Cord pants are a great trend this fall. These fabrics allow you to add some color to your bottom half and look put together sometimes even better than denim. And these fabrics tend to hide those leg imperfections that colored denim sometimes showcase. You will have many choices in twills and cords; flare, skinny, boyfriend, crop and more. Also some of these preppy pants have been edged up a little by adding zippers and other embellishments.


Bomber Jacket: Everyone is doing a bomber jacket this season. This jacket is comfortable yet edgy and is coming in every color of the rainbow. You will see everything from muted to silky and shiny. This trend is the nod to the military look that is popular every season, especially the fall. Many bombers have side pockets, zippers and some form of a quilted lining. A few even have embellishments printed or embroidered on their backs.


Over the Knee Boots: I know I have mentioned these before but I cannot emphasize enough on how these are a must have for this fall! In the past these were saved for street walkers, cue the image of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, however over the knee boots are moving to the suburbs. These boots are usually suede and in a muted basic color such as black, brown, grey or tan. You can get them as a flat or with heels. You are to wear Over the Knee boots with your favorite cropped skinny and oversized sweater or pair them with a cute fall dress. We are in love with this fall shoe trend!

There are many different looks this Fall 2016 season and I shared some of our favorites but it’s up to you to make them your personal style. Showcase them in a way that best suits you and your personality. Some trends aren’t for everyone, and don’t force them. Remember you should wear the trend, don’t let the trend where you!